Midwestern University Building Three

Project Description

The Hill Group was awarded the contract to install the HVAC systems in the new five story, 175,000 square foot classroom and laboratory building.

The project includes 3 custom air handling units, on of which will supply 100% outside air make-up to the laboratories. Laboratory exhaust is handled by a custom fume exhaust system incorporating 3 fans, induction dampers and a hydronic heat recovery coil. Pressurization and zone control is accomplished by 180 Phoenix valves and 140 VAV boxes with hot water reheat coils. A natural gas fired heating hot water boiler and a gas fired low pressure steam boiler provides for humidification and process steam. Chilled water is piped from the campus control plant. Laboratory piping systems include compressed air vacuum and natural gas. A DDC control system is utilized.

The central chilled water plant was increased with 2 new 430-ton screw chillers and associated pumps and cooling towers.