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Failed steam traps often go unnoticed for years in facilities because they cannot be easily identified and often do not affect proper system operation. However, each individual failed steam trap can cost a building thousands of dollars each year in natural gas costs and can easily be repaired or replaced.

The Hill Group uses a combination of thermal imaging and ultrasonic testing to quickly and accurately identify failed steam traps.

Advantages of using Hill

  • Approved qualified service provider of the steam trap survey program through Nicor Gas and Peoples/North Shore Gas. This program provides a rebate to help cover the costs for the survey and repair or replacement of failed steam traps.
  • Use qualified and trained technicians to survey, test, and identify failed steam traps. In-house engineering is used to create detailed reports providing energy savings calculations and recommendations for repairs or replacements.
  • Hill will also manage the entire process of procuring rebates for the survey and repair of steam traps through the local utilities or other sources.

The next step is to schedule your steam trap survey and fill out an application for a steam trap survey rebate.

For more information or to schedule, please call or email: at 847-451-4200

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