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DART 2016

Recordable Injury Rate 2016


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The Hill Group’s strong safety culture tangibly represents our commitment to our most important asset… our people. We will never compromise safety. Economics are secondary to safety.

We believe that…

  • an effective way to maintain a safe working environment is to have programs that create a constant awareness of safety, and that
  • a stable, well trained work force generates a higher level of safety.

We ensure that…

  • employees use proper safety equipment and safety tools,
  • client or government safety directives are diligently embraced,
  • the published Hill Group Safety Rules are a living document – constantly revised and improved, and
  • Hill employs a full-time Safety Director who reports directly to the Executive team.


As a result of this constant focus on safety, The Hill Group earned an Experience Modifier Rate (EMR) of 0.66, placing us in the top percentile in our industry.