The Hill Group incorporates Lean Construction methods everyday from large to small projects, starting in our Shops and continuing to field and post installation activities. Some examples of these fully integrated Lean practices include:

  • Reconfigured to maximize productivity
  • Leveraging technology in the latest tools (Water Jet and Plasma Tables)
  • Standardized work areas with tools and equipment close at hand
  • Measuring shop metrics to continuously improve and reduce costs
  • Using hoisting containers and trailers to efficiently and safely load decks in quantity
  • Utilization of Trimble Total Stations for Automated Layout
  • Utilization of boom truck to minimize crane costs with increase in safety
  • Lean and computer usage training for Foremen
  • Leveraging BIM through prefabrication initiatives
  • Pre-Task Planning
  • Electronic Two Week Look-Ahead Schedules
  • Last Planner Scheduling
Post Installation Activities:
  • Utilization of Building Test for a lower cost, higher quality Balancing and Commissioning

Lean Construction

Hill’s former President Robert Krier was part of the forming group for the Chicago Community of Practice of the Lean Construction Institute. The Lean Construction Institute (LCI) is a non-profit organization founded in 1997 with a goal to extend to the construction industry the Lean production revolution that began in manufacturing. The LCI approach maximizes value delivered to the customer while minimizing waste.