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What’s Your Score?

The City of Chicago joins 10 other US cities and States in adopting an Energy Benchmarking and Disclosure Ordinance. Most buildings over 50,000 square feet will be required to track and report their energy consumption using the EPA’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager beginning in 2014. The data entered into Portfolio Manager will require verification by a building professional every three years thereafter. The ordinance requires public disclosure of the energy performance and is structured in a tiered approach to allow time for building owners to plan for the requirements and to implement projects to improve performance metrics.

The Hill Group provides many levels of support for benchmarking, complying with the ordinance and executing plans for improved energy performance. 

  • Energy Star Portfolio Manager Set Up – Hill can set up your building’s Portfolio Manager account, develop the most efficient way for on-going data entry and provide training on the tool.
  • Building Fitness Plan – The Hill Group energy professionals provide the expertise to develop an energy reduction plan based on a building owners operating and financial goals. A custom plan is developed based on the project opportunities, committed budget, available incentives, operating schedule and financing options.
  • Low/No Cost Improvements – The utility funded retro commissioning programs may be leveraged to help identify and implement projects with an 18 month payback or better. Hill has participated as a qualified service provider since 2007 and has consistently ranked in the top 3 providers.
  • Project Implementation – Hill’s engineering and contracting expertise provide the right combination of experience and skills for cost effective implementation. Hill self performs approximately 75% of the work on our projects providing building owners with value and accountability. Hill’s dedicated team of energy professionals actively pursues any and all utility rebates and other incentives to deliver the best economics for the project.
  • Measurement and Verification – Hill’s skilled staff provides an extensive hands on approach to measurement and verification. Service technicians are used to set up trend logs on a BAS to collect data or install temporary data loggers to collect data pre and post installation. Reports are generated and are often used for commissioning, retro commissioning, and LEED certification to ensure building owners get the results they expect.

To find out more about Energy Benchmarking and the supporting Hill offerings, please contact us at or 847.451.4200.