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Performing an energy audit on a building is a critical component to an effective energy management  and sustainability plan. The analysis performed in audits provides the information needed to make investment decisions and leverage incentive programs. An energy audit should follow ASHRAE standards and include a benchmarking analysis utilizing the EPA’s Portfolio Manager – required for many City and State Energy Benchmarking and Disclosure ordinances. Energy audits help provide information needed for plans to improve Energy Star scores and a higher performing building.


Why use Hill?

  • Comprehensive Approach Our ability to perform an energy audit, make the improvements and verify the resulting utility savings provides building owners with single-point accountability and streamlined project implementation.
  • Hands-on Approach Hill uses its union service technicians dedicated to energy solutions as part of the auditing process. This approach is very unique in the industry by allow for better equipment interrogation and a serviceability perspective on energy efficiency recommendations.
  • Streamlined Auditing Process Auditing can create an unnecessary burden on an owner’s resources. We respect our client’s time and want to make sure any time spent on site and requests for information are clear and concise. Hill’s streamlined auditing process leverages site inspection technology, on-line utility bill access, building automation system data and proven analysis models to ensure time is used efficiently, data is accurate and deliverables are on time.
  • Customer Focused Hill provides energy auditing services with a perspective unique in the industry. The goal of our energy solutions team is to provide excellent professional services to the point where owners chose Hill as a long term service and building efficiency partner.
  • Focused on Sustainability Environmental conservation and carbon emissions continue to be a significant consideration in how buildings are built and operated. The Hill Group Certified Energy Managers, Licensed PEs and LEED AP staff offer insight into sustainable design and operations critical for managing a building’s environmental impact. Over 30,000 M tons of CO2 emissions have been eliminated as a result of Hill energy efficiency projects. The Hill Group provides a complete solution for financing, executing and reporting sustainability strategies.

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