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Continuous Commissioning Screen Shot


How does your facility truly function after construction is complete? Hill’s Continuous Commissioning service provides 24/7 continued commissioning and monitoring of the facilities building systems while in operation after functional testing is complete through the life of the building.

  • Ensure the system complies with the OPR and BOD (patient room temperatures, etc.)
  • Ensure the system is operating per the intended sequence of operations at all times
  • Document and identify any changes made to the system (overrides, etc.)
  • Easily identify, investigate, and address system issues as well as improve accountability
  • Real time monitoring of the building systems
  • Detailed analytics to assist with building operations and maintenance, occupant comfort, and energy efficiency
  • iPhone (IOS) and Web Access from anywhere


For more information regarding our Continuous Commissioning program, please contact us or 847-451-4200